Incredibly, six months have already gone by since the Woolsey Fire — the most destructive fire in LA County history — and our communities have made incredible strides in their efforts to recover.

Following the destruction the fire left in its path, 1,343 properties have worked with the County to get debris cleared away. Over 300,000 tons have been removed from affected properties with 601 properties fully cleared, and 239 properties ready for rebuilding.

Many people have also been concerned about fire flow and access to adequate water, so the County is speeding up water infrastructure upgrades to help people safely rebuild.

Additionally, the County has hired a firm to analyze the fire, its aftermath, and the government response and submit a draft report this fall with input from a task force of high-ranking County, City, and community leaders. We held two listening sessions to gather first-person testimony on the fires which will inform draft recommendations from the task force. Public Works has also held free one-on-one workshops to ensure that residents get expert advice as they rebuild and recover.

As we move forward and look to the future, it is essential to learn from the Woolsey Fire and better prepare — and also continue to acknowledge the progress and resilience of all those impacted.

We will rebuild.