As Academy Awards Approach, Supervisors Launch 5 Point
Jobs Program To Diversify Creative Economy Workforce

In a significant step to increase diversity and opportunity within the $141 billion national creative economy, the Board of Supervisors voted to launch a Five Point Plan that will develop a career pathway program, support local emerging businesses, create an LA County Forum on Film and Digital Media, identify public and private funding sources and advocate for legislation that promotes the growth of the creative economy. The career pathways program will open this summer.

LA County currently provides over 9% of the U.S. Film and Digital Media employment, but our workforce does not yet reflect the widespread ethnic, racial, and gender diversity of our County’s population.

LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, author of the motion, said, “As we approach the 92nd annual Academy Awards this week, I am very happy to be launching this effort to expand job opportunities, not only in film, but in our entire creative economy — one that will help guarantee that LA’s film and digital media businesses remain highly competitive and reflect our diverse national and global audiences. If there was an award for Best Design for The Future, this 5 Point Program would win an Oscar!”

“The film and digital media landscape is changing at such an exponential rate that carving out pathways to careers in this area is absolutely necessary,” added Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas. co-author of the motion. “We are a diverse county, and developing our strongest advantage — our talent pool — will increase the range of narratives we share around the world while boosting the growing creative economy.”

Oona King, Vice President, Snap Inc. said, “I really appreciate the County’s help training skilled young workers and launching a forum where industry leaders can develop innovative hiring strategies. LA County is one of the most diverse places on earth and that diversity will help film and digital industries and creative companies like Snap produce creative products relevant for audiences at home and abroad well into the future.”