In response to the report “LAHSA’s Outreach: Strategic Approaches Needed for Improved Outcomes” released by Los Angeles City Controller Ron Galperin today, LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl issued the following statement:

While criticism of LA’s approach to homelessness is welcome, I do not believe this report provides a full and fair analysis.

Data concerning our wide range of efforts are being consistently collected, reported and utilized, and every new report is used to sharpen our strategic deployment of resources. Unfortunately, this report chose to focus only on a single city contract and, as a result, gives a partial and incomplete picture of the effects of our multiple approaches and efforts.

The data shows that these current approaches are working. The County released its most recent data on Measure H outcomes just last week. In the last fiscal year, outreach teams connected with 22,410 people. Many of these individuals were linked to a variety of services, and most importantly, 1,468 people entered shelter or bridge housing, and 1,018 were connected to permanent housing resources. According to the most recent Homeless Count, Los Angeles County saw an increase in homelessness that was a fraction of the increases in many other counties across the state. Our outreach programs and Housing First-focus are the reasons why.

Moving people through a continuum of services from outreach to permanent housing is complicated work and each step is necessary. Our success depends on building and sustaining a system that balances short- and long-term needs, but must be driven by our ultimate goal of seeing people permanently housed. The County, who provides the bulk of these services and its partner, the City of LA, have long agreed on this.