Ever wondered if you could stay in the wonderful Natural History Museum after dark? The answer is yes! Several times a year, the Los Angeles Natural History Museum offers overnights in the halls of the museum!

This wonderful opportunity is available for children ages 5-12 who must be accompanied by an adult. Each ticket is $85 a person or $75 for museum members and includes museum access for the whole day following the sleepover.

Every sleepover includes access to museum exhibits after hours and the following day, 3D movies, a variety of activities, performances and a scavenger hunt. It also includes an evening snack and continental breakfast. Additionally, kids can explore whatever tickles their curiosity and learn from knowledgeable Gallery Interpreters and Volunteers.

Each sleepover has a special theme. For example, the Halloween sleepover (on October 25th) will allow kids to explore the Spider Pavillion at night and experience the Natural History of Horrors exhibit!

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