When the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority replaces its fleet of more than 3,200 buses, rail cars and locomotives, the agency will have created 22,051 jobs.

Unfortunately, those jobs may not go to Americans.

Many Metro contracts are inked with foreign manufacturers from Japan, China and Europe because American companies no longer produce this kind of rolling stock.

Although Metro cannot require only locals get hired, it has used a points-based incentive system and some arm-twisting to move new bus and rail car bids to the top of the stack.


Adopting a Permanent U.S. Employment Plan Policy for large Metro bus and rail car purchase projects means that our residents right here in LA County will directly benefit from Metro Los Angeles’ rapid expansion.

This plan gives us yet another tool for creating a pathway into the middle-class for single parents (most of whom are women), people released from prison or jail, foster youth who are aging out of the County’s care, and others who face significant barriers to employment.