April is “Earthquake Preparedness Month” across Los Angeles County, and I want to make sure you and your family are prepared in the event of a quake.

Major earthquakes have occurred in Southern California in 1933, 1971, 1987 and 1994. A recent report by a working group of respected scientists projects an 86% probability of a magnitude 7.0 or greater earthquake in southern California over the next 30 years.

Emergency situations become disasters when they overwhelm the resources set up to protect our communities. In such a disaster, County departments will do everything possible to provide assistance to residents. However, large disasters may completely overwhelm our responders with multiple incidents and competing public safety needs. First responders try to focus their efforts in the areas where they can do the most good – helping severely endangered people and heavily impacted areas first. It is possible, even likely, that some areas may not get professional assistance for days after a disaster has occurred.

Below is a quick guide to share with your family on what to do before, during and after an earthquake. Click here to download the complete LA County Emergency Survival Guide with much more info, including checklists for First Aid and Disaster Preparation kits. It’s also available in Spanish and 12 other languages.

Take a minute now to make sure you and your family are prepared!

 Download this as a PDF