On a recent evening in Venice, the community came together to hear directly from people who have experienced homelessness and now are using their experiences to help others.

The Everyone In campaign event — featuring the John and Marilyn Wells Family Foundation’s “Stories From The Frontline” — had an exceptionally high turnout for an area of town that’s long been associated with NIMBY opposition to supportive housing, signaling that more and more people are recognizing the need for real solutions to our homelessness crisis.

Everyone In is powered by United Way of Greater Los Angeles and has been created with a diverse coalition of nonprofit organizations, businesses, and labor and community leaders.

Their goal is simple: deliver on the promise that was made when 1.5 million voters who passed Measure H and Proposition HHH in 2016 and 2017 and ensure that each dollar is spent wisely and goes to the goal of providing services and creating supportive housing throughout Los Angeles.

Powerful stories from the front lines of homelessness from Los Angeles County Newsroom on Vimeo.