On Monday evening, Malibu dinners for the homeless resumed for the first time since last November. It was a very pleasant affair—tables and chairs were set up outside the entrance to the old courthouse, adorned with tablecloths. Officials, agency representatives, law enforcement and volunteers from the Malibu community were on hand to help out. The dinner was generously catered free of charge by Sir Richard of Monrose Catering, whose menu included mixed green salad, rigatoni with marinara sauce, chicken marsala, grilled vegetables and chocolate brownies.

“The bureaucratic obstacles have been great because we are on government property, but so has the effort on the part of so many good people to help us make it happen,” wrote Carol Moss, founder of CART, in an email. “The persistence of a few volunteers from CART has been at the forefront. We’ve had great support from County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, Susan Dueñas from the city has collaborated in a wonderful way and we’ve also had support from the sheriff and fire department. They say it takes a village, and here in Malibu we certainly have one.”


“Meal programs like this do far more than simply feed people experiencing homelessness — they help build the long-term relationships needed to put them on a path towards stable lives and housing.”