JANUARY 16, 2018  |  The Times Editorial Board

For years, residential developments in the hillsides and canyons of Los Angeles have encroached on wildlife as our neighborhoods have spread into, well, theirs.

It’s not surprising that we keep expanding; the city has more people than it used to, and we need housing desperately. But we also need open space, not just for our sanity and for the beauty of our city, but also if we care about maintaining an urban wildlife population.

One way to preserve open space is to buy it. That’s what an alliance of community groups and wildlife advocates vowed to do to protect a 17-acre mountain ridge in the Hollywood Hills above the Laurel Canyon neighborhood.


Opportunities like these come along only rarely, and, when they do, we have to take advantage of them. By purchasing and preserving this open space and wildlife habitat, we are investing in the future – of our region, and of our planet.