Los Angeles County leaders on Tuesday expressed their opposition to a proposed Trump administration rule change that could make immigration more difficult for people who receive government assistance.

In a unanimous vote, the Board of Supervisors agreed to send a letter to immigration and congressional officials challenging the regulation proposed last month by the Department of Homeland Security.

They also agreed to work to notify local residents about the administration’s effort and to study joining any legal challenges if the administration ultimately adopts the plan in the coming months.

“This rule, if adopted, in my opinion would be very harmful,” said Supervisor Hilda Solis. “It is the county’s moral and civic responsibility to offer service to every resident regardless of their immigration status.”


Imagine a mother having to choose not to take her baby to a doctor today because it could force her to forfeit her chance at obtaining a green card tomorrow.

Today the Board voted 5-0 to oppose the Trump administration’s reprehensible proposal that would force immigrants to choose between accessing the services they and their families need for survival and obtaining a green card.

The motion that Hilda Solis and I co-authored is clear: We have a moral and civic responsibility to every one of our residents, regardless of immigration status, to deliver important public services and benefits that improve their quality of life.