The Board of Supervisors took action this week to adopt Hope for the Coast’s vision for protecting California’s coastline. The County’s action reaffirms its commitment to the conservation of the coastline’s habitat and wildlife, as well its social, economic and recreational benefits.

The County of Los Angeles is home to critical natural resources such as its iconic beaches, diverse coastal bluffs and dunes, mountain ranges, and urban wilderness that provide important benefits to the community. They are cherished by residents and visitors, provide habitats for biodiversity, and make Los Angeles a must-see destination for tourists from around the world. Coastal areas also have a large impact on the County’s so-called “Blue Economy,” providing important recreational and commercial economic benefits.

The LA County motion will ensure that County Departments use the most current science-based studies in their planning regarding sea level rises and coastal resource protection. It calls for the County to prioritize the protection, restoration and preservation of our coastal and marine resources from other human-caused stressors.

The Board action was taken in response to a report which showed that nearly 70% of the County’s beaches are highly vulnerable to 5ft of sea level rise by the year 2100. In addition to sea level rises having the potential to drown public conservation land, it will also potentially stress populations of rare, threatened, or endangered species that habitat on our coast. The long-term protection of our remaining precious coastal habitats is critical to the economic, environmental, and social health of Los Angeles.

“Once again, the County has reaffirmed our commitment to being a leader when it comes to environmental policies,” said Supervisor Kuehl, co-author of the motion. “The realities of climate change are real, and we must act to protect our environment. By supporting this vision, we are siding with science and ensuring that we safeguard our coastline.”