In April of 2008, our County Board of Supervisors established the annual Green Leadership Awards to recognize LA County residents, businesses, nonprofit organizations, community groups and cities that develop and employ innovative strategies and initiatives to enhance our environmental sustainability.

On behalf of the Board, I am pleased to invite you to submit applications for the 2017 Green Leadership Awards in order to recognize outstanding efforts that benefit our residents of and to provide an opportunity for highlighting and praising these practices.

Applications for the 2017 Green Leadership Awards should be emailed to by 5:00 p.m. on February 17, 2017. The application can be found at

Eligibility Requirements
Competition is open to all County of Los Angeles residents, businesses, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, professional and trade associations, communities, and state and local government entities.

Subject Areas to Consider

Programmatic reductions in vehicle miles traveled including commutes, mileage, business travel, contractors, and other areas:

  • Personal reduction in vehicle miles traveled, including influence on others
  • Use of telecommuting or other programs to reduce transportation
  • Projects that encourage public transportation and car pooling
  • Conversion to alternative fuel vehicles
  • Other innovations
  • Assessment/measurement of results: miles/emissions reduced, per capita
    measurements, penetration rates, project goals, improvements

Programmatic reductions in energy and water usage:

  • Organizational goals or policies towards reduced energy and water usage
  • Personal reduction in energy and water usage including influence on others
  • Use of new technologies and innovations in reducing energy and water
  • Use of renewable resources or other sustainable practices in reducing energy
    and water consumption
  • Other innovations in energy and water consumption
  • Influence on others through outreach efforts
  • Assessment/measurement of results: BTUs (British Thermal Unit) and gallons reduced; emissions reduced; per capita measurements; progress towards goals; significant improvements; influence on others

Programmatic policies/goals to certify buildings or sites as “green” (indicate the certification standard or list measures) or activities that promote waste reduction, recycling, or related technologies:

  • Projects that: combine housing and office space; protect forests and wildlife; preserve other resources; enhance recreation
  • Projects that address or emphasize cost effectiveness in implementing sustainable
  • Projects that address social equity; for example, address the needs of
    underrepresented or hard to reach markets
  • Emphasis on waste reduction through: recycling; reuse; green purchases; other
    waste diversion practices
  • Use of technology or other innovations
  • Impact on others through outreach efforts
  • Assessment/measurement of results: emissions mitigated; other resource benefits metrics; per capita metrics; others influenced

Outreach and Education
Programmatic policies and goals to educate others, and to encourage and implement sustainability programs:

  • Measurement of success or impact: persons reached or impacted; record of behavioral changes; program longevity
  • Innovation in education, marketing and outreach
  • Consideration of hard-to-reach or disadvantaged sectors (environmental justice)


Resident: An individual whose efforts, on their own or through an organization, empowers their community and society toward ecological restoration and a sustainable future. Their leadership, foresight, and innovation inspire others, leading to significant achievements through individual effort and moving others to action.

Public Agencies: A local government and or public sector organization that demonstrates environmental leadership within their own organization, peer group or represented constituents, through activities, initiatives or programs that encourage and develop sustainability.

County of Los Angeles Departments: County of Los Angeles Departments that demonstrate environmental leadership within their own organization, or represented constituents, through activities, initiatives or programs that encourage and develop sustainability.

Business/Private Sector: A private company that is moving its business practices toward a sustainable enterprise. This company’s commitment to resource efficiency, social responsibility and sustainability pervades throughout the company’s employees in their business and personal life. This company encourages and inspires other private companies to join in pioneering the processes of sustainable development.

Nonprofit Agency: An agency that demonstrates leadership by protecting the environment and creates a shift toward a sustainable, secure future. Through collaboration and partnerships, the agency resolves environmental challenges and conflicts with innovative solutions and initiatives.

Visit for more information on applying for the Green Leadership Awards, project criteria, evaluation process and dates to remember.