The coastline of Los Angeles County is famous around the country and across the world for its rugged mountains and beautiful beaches. Our beaches are the perfect place to relax after a long week or to visit with family and friends. The County is committed to ensuring that all residents can access our beaches, including those with mobility issues.

For residents of LA County who use a wheelchair on a day to day basis, going to the beach is a lot more difficult than for others. Normal wheelchairs struggle to handle uneven and sandy terrain, and therefore often cannot be taken to the beach. To ensure that people with mobility issues can fully access our beaches, Los Angeles Count offers beach wheelchairs at select beaches, free of charge.

Beach wheelchairs are available in certain locations from Malibu to San Pedro on a first-come, first served basis during the daylight hours. Beach wheelchairs have wheels that are wide enough to be able to roll across sand without sinking. While some of the beach wheelchairs need to be pushed, select locations in the county also offer motorized chairs, which are also free of charge.

The beach wheelchairs have helped residents who previously had significant difficulties experiencing the beach firsthand, be able to enjoy our trademark coastline in a way that was not possible beforehand.

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