On Tuesday, the Board approved a motion by Supervisor Kuehl that will sustain a critical helistop base for firefighting agencies in the unincorporated area of Topanga Canyon.

The “69 Bravo” property helps residents in the communities of Topanga, Fernwood, Calabasas, Malibu and Agoura Hills by providing a reliable way to deliver life-saving fire and emergency medical services. It also supports medical and search and rescue efforts of the LA County Sheriff’s Department. Kuehl’s motion clears the way for the County to purchase the 69 Bravo land and facilities.

Since 2013, the location has been identified as an essential tool in combating wildfires and keeping residents safe. This past year, an impartial third party firm was directed to conduct an extensive review of all potential options for helistop locations in the Topanga Canyon area and concluded that 69 Bravo would be the best choice.

It is one of only a few spots available to support fire suppression efforts in the event a wildfire spreads from Calabasas to the coast. It also boasts a reliable water system, as well as the ability to store 10,000 gallons of water for use during emergencies. Additionally, 69 Bravo is well-suited to support firefighting efforts with a high and unobstructed elevation.

“69 Bravo is vitally important to public safety. In an emergency, it serves as a life-saving fire and emergency medical services staging area for Topanga and surrounding communities. I am thrilled that the County is making certain our Fire Department can move forward so that we do not lose access to this critically-situated land,” said Kuehl after the 5-0 vote.

69bravo Presentation Video from Simon T on Vimeo.