The Board of Supervisors recently approved funding for the Community Arts Impact Grant (CIAG) program for the 4th year running. CIAG’s initial funding was $500,000 per year, and this year the funding was increased to $750,000 in grant investments, which will be awarded to 58 different organizations.

The Community Arts Impact Grant program supports arts programming at nonprofit social service and social justice organizations, municipal departments, and institutions of higher education. The money granted to these organizations helps them to deliver a wide variety of cultural services to County residents.

Applications are scored by 25 panelists with experience in the arts, nonprofits and social services. Judges include artists, nonprofit administrators and others from a diverse array of backgrounds. Once selected, grantees receive between $6,900 and $15,200 in award money to improve and expand their existing arts programs.

“From arts workshops for youth experiencing homelessness, to a musical theatre youth diversity apprenticeship program, to LGBTQ-focused film festivals, these grants support the arts and cultural programs of social service, social justice, and municipal organizations to reach incredibly diverse communities,” said Kristin Sakoda, Director of the Los Angeles County Department of Arts and Culture

It is important to support nonprofits that incorporate art into their missions. Art that is accessible to all is vital for a thriving civic society and can help bring attention and awareness to the many issues facing LA County.

For a full list of the inventive arts programming supported by Community Impact Arts Grants this year, click here!