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Read, Read, Read – and Draw!

We started off Tuesday’s meeting by celebrating a group of very talented young artists who share a love of reading at the 38th Annual Bookmark Contest Recognition event.

Every year, the County Public Library puts a call out to local schools asking kids and teens to submit their original designs for bookmarks. This year’s theme, “What’s Your Story?” wanted to capture students’ hopes and dreams for the future, and of course, encourage more reading.

Out of thousands of submissions, four were chosen in each district. The Third District winners: Asia Padma-Nathan, Abigail Han, Maria Bautista, and Daria Shcherbatykh.

The bookmarks will be distributed at public libraries across the County. Congratulations again to our winners and check our their materpieces here!

Get Ready to Celebrate Sheros all throughout March!

I am very pleased to report that we approved a motion presented by myself and Supervisor Solis declaring March as Women’s History Month here in the County.

The celebration, which originated in 1978 in Sonoma, California, is an opportunity to appreciate the many achievements of women and girls throughout history. I am proud to work alongside three amazing female leaders on this Board, and celebrate the steps we have taken toward creating a more inclusive, fair and empowering environment for women.

As part of our Countywide Women and Girl’s Initiative, we are hosting community conversations all through March – a great way to discuss ways to continue to make Los Angeles a better place for women and girls.

For more details about locations and times of these convenings, click here.

Everyone In!

On March 7, 2017, an overwhelming number of LA County residents voted yes on Measure H, and it is truly impressive to see all of the progress we have made since then. Expanded street teams have been able to connect with thousands of individuals experiencing homelessness, linking them to essential resources and support.

To mark this historic anniversary, we are holding a celebration on March 9 to launch the “Everyone In” campaign. In partnership with philanthropic, public, and private partners, this effort led by the United Way of Greater Los Angeles will work to educate and engage the community about the successes we have had since Measure H passed, and the steps residents and local residents can take to help end this crisis.

Over the past year, you have demonstrated your support to dedicating critical resources to end homelessness across the County, and now we are asking you to lend your voices to helping us actually build and rehab housing in every neighborhood. We’re seeking YIMBYs: Yes In My Back Yard. Time for All of us to be In and be part of the solution.

Join Everyone In!

Triangle Ranch

We also approved a request to allocate Third District Proposition A (Safe Parks Act of 1996) funding to protect an ecologically diverse and important area of land known as Triangle Ranch.

Located in the unincorporated Agoura Hills area in the Santa Monica Mountains, Triangle Ranch is a 320-acre parcel of land that serves as an important gateway to the mountains, as well as a habitat corridor for wildlife. The Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA) is authorized to acquire the land in order to protect and maintain this important resource.

In support of the initial phase of the project, the Third District is allocating $2.5 million in excess Proposition A funds as a grant to MRCA, to help ensure that residents and wildlife have access to this beautiful area for years to come.

Meeting went to the dogs (and cats)!

Every Board Meeting, Supervisor Kathryn Barger brings out rescue animals available for adoption from our Department of Animal Care and Control – a practice started by her predecessor Supervisor Mike Antonovich years ago.

Kathryn was in Washington DC this week, so I had the pleasure of presenting Joanie the cat and Dazzle, a two-year-old terrier. Pictures below!

Go to to find a loving animal just waiting to join your family!