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Pledge of Allegiance

To begin Tuesday’s meeting, we were led in the Pledge of Allegiance by US Navy Petty Officer third class and Army Staff Sergeant Jacob Fadley.

Jacob served in Iraq and Kuwait and was deployed to the Middle East four times. Among other distinctions, he was awarded the Army Achievement Medal, The Army Commendation Medal, and The Global War on Terrorism Medal. He was a communications specialist for the Navy for five years, and a broadcast journalist for the Ohio Army National Guard for seven years. He is currently a student at USC pursuing his Master’s degree in film.

Thank you, Officer Fadley, for your many years of dedicating your time and talents to our country. We sincerely appreciate your service!

LA County Veteran Peer Access Network

In peace or in war, soldiers rely on their peers to accomplish any mission, and, indeed, that group mentality is essential to their success. Too often, however, when our vets come home, they find themselves pretty much alone going through the difficult process of navigating a return to civilian life, including finding access to important services and care.

According to a recent USC survey, 40 percent of veterans in LA County have no idea where to turn for assistance regarding health care, mental health services, legal aid, housing, and more. Additionally, the County’s our homeless veteran population is growing, which means that, now more than ever, we need to work on solutions to ensure accessible and timely access to care.

I’m happy to report that we passed a motion by Supervisors Ridley-Thomas and Barger that will initiate the development of a plan to create a network of veteran peer agents who can help their fellow vets find and secure important resources. These “battle buddies at home” could provide the support, understanding, and guidance our veterans need to ensure they know where to turn for help.

Celebrating Black History Month

February is Black History Month, celebrating the history and myriad important contributions of African Americans to our lives.

On February 22, LA County and the African American Employees Association will come together for our annual observation of this important month. The theme of this year’s event will be “African Americans in Times of War,” focusing on the achievements of African American men and women who have served our country.

The event will take place at 11:30 AM in room 381-B in the Kenneth Hahn Hall of Administration and will feature music, readings, performances, a processional of County employees in traditional African attire, and a tribute to military personnel.

Annual Federal Legislative Agenda

Each year, we put together our County Federal Legislative Agenda, based on the policies adopted by the Board during the previous year. Our overarching goal for 2018 is to protect the County against loss of federal revenue, especially from programs such as Medicaid, SNAP, TANF, and Title IV Foster Care and Adoption Assistance, which so many of our residents rely on for their well-being.

The following items will be included in this year’s Federal Legislative Agenda:

  • Preservation of the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid
  • Preservation of Human Services Entitlement Programs
  • Extension of the Title IV-E Waiver to Support At-Risk Children
  • Protection of Immigrant Residents
  • Support for Infrastructure

For a complete outline of the Federal Legislative outlook and full descriptions of items on the agenda, please click here.

Mobile Pharmacy Unit to Support Patients in LA County

In February 2016, the California Board of Pharmacy adopted new regulations mandating that healthcare facilities with pharmacies that compound drugs adhere to certain physical space requirements. The LA County Department of Public Works completed an assessment of sites throughout the County to identify those that needed renovation. While renovations are underway, patients will still need access to prescription medications and pharmaceutical counsel.

To support patient needs and ensure uninterrupted access to care, we passed a motion on Tuesday that will authorize the use of a mobile pharmacy unit and inpatient compounding facility at select hospitals that are undergoing renovations. This mobile pharmacy will provide sterile drug compounding services at Harbor-UCLA, LAC-USC, and Olive View UCLA.