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Never an Excuse

For the past 18 years, Peace Over Violence has run its Denim Day campaign on a Wednesday in April in honor of Sexual Violence Awareness Month.

We kicked off Tuesday’s Board meeting by welcoming my good friend Patti Giggans, Peace Over Violence’s Executive Director to declare April 25th Denim Day in Los Angeles County.

Pictured above is Team Kuehl commemorating Denim Day to say there is NEVER an excuse for sexual violence.

Fair Housing

In a motion on fair housing, the Board decided to do some of the work the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has failed to do. Since Dr. Ben Carson has taken over the agency, the Trump administration has instructed him to suspend a critical mandate from the Obama administration, requiring communities to develop plans for fair housing. In light of this move, local governments are no longer hard-pressed to submit community integration plans.

This week, the Board decided to act on its responsibility to serve its diverse constituency, pushing back against the divisive actions of the Trump administration to undermine community integration.

The Board’s motion directed the County’s Community Development Commission to report back to the Board in 90 days with recommendations and any funding needed to develop a robust plan to affirmatively further fair housing in the County.

This move was made not only in the spirit of promoting creative thinking to solve problems but in honor of our nation’s history of fighting segregation, stemming back to President Johnson’s signing the Fair Housing Act into law, which celebrated its 50th anniversary this month.

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Green Leadership Awards

The Board presented the 10th Annual Green Leadership Awards (GLA) to five recipients. The honorees were Michele Prichard, Director of Common Agenda-Liberty Foundation, Los Angeles Convention Center (managed by AEG Facilities), Southern California Association of Governments, GRID Alternatives Greater Los Angeles, and the Department of Internal Services with Treasurer and Tax Collector.

The work being recognized included creating new grant programs addressing poverty, racial justice, and environmental health; elevating and expanding sustainable practices, community outreach and advertising to reduce bicycle injuries and fatalities, reducing operating costs for non-profit organizations, and encouraging residential property owners to retrofit buildings and adopt energy efficient practices.

Learn more about all the Green Leadership Award winners and their cutting-edge work here.

Christina Pascucci Appointed to LA County Aviation Committee

On Tuesday, the Board approved the appointment of Christina Pascucci to the Los Angeles County Aviation Committee.

Of the many things that make Christian Pascucci an incredibly well-rounded professional, her appointment to the LA County Aviation Committee by the Board is another attribute to her accomplishments. Pascucci is an Emmy Award-nominated journalist and anchor at KTLA. Her humanitarian and environmental reporting has made her stand out as not only a crucial member of the media in southern California but a change-agent who has gone above and beyond throughout her career, from her investigative determination to her work with organizations like 88 Bikes, a non-profit that fights child sex trafficking.

If she wasn’t impressive enough, we should note that Pascucci has her pilot’s license, which brings us to the LA County Aviation Committee. The Committee serves to advise the County Board of Supervisors regarding the operation and development of the County’s five-airport system, including Brackett Field Airport, Compton/Woodley Airport, San Gabriel Valley Airport, General William J. Fox Airfield, and Whiteman Airport. With the work they do for the County and Board of Supervisors, the current commissioners will have an impressive new colleague in Christina Pascucci, joining them soon.

Board Finances Foster Children Visitation Project

The Board voted to invest $30,000 in a project with Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago to develop a sophisticated data-driven visitation model to streamline and decrease the number of hours DCFS social workers must drive to facilitate visits. Chapin Hall will use its significant expertise in data collection, geospatial analysis, and data integration to develop a tailored visitation model for Los Angeles County.

This motion reflects the Board’s commitment to innovative and robust measures to improve the lives of foster children and their families. This funding completes the remaining total of $160,000 needed for Chapin to develop this vital model. Philanthropic donors have generously funded the program for $130,000. Given the enormous traffic congestion in Los Angeles, this tool will be indispensable to DCFS and its social workers.