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Period. End of Sentence

It began in 2013, when Melissa Berton, an English teacher at Oakwood School in North Hollywood, organized a group of female students who felt called to do something after learning how women in many parts of the developing world face taboo-fueled barriers to positive health, education, and social outcomes, simply because they menstruate. Six years later, what started as a dream of making a difference became an Oscar-winning documentary film – Period. End of Sentence.

The Board honored these students, their teacher, the film’s director, Rayka Zehtabchi, and all who worked on the project. The work of creating this incredible film can inspire us all.

Watch Period. End of Sentence on Netflix here.

Support for the Natural History Museum

Through a motion by Supervisor Ridley-Thomas, the Board voted to send a letter to Governor Gavin Newsom, Senator Holly Mitchell, the Senate Budget and Fiscal Review Committee, and Assemblymember Phillip Y. Ting, to support the Natural History Museum’s (NHM) request for $10 million in one-time state funding.

These funds would support the first phase of the NHM’s proposed expansion project to reorient the museum’s entrance toward Exposition Park. This will include a new southwest wing that faces the future Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, creating a stronger connection to NHM’s neighboring institutions and community. Additionally, NHM estimates this project will serve an additional 220,000 visitors per year.

Cannabis Advertising and Marketing

By now, most County residents have seen at least one massive billboard advertising cannabis products, yet we do not fully understand how our laws govern these advertisements.

Given the restrictions on alcohol and tobacco advertisements, particularly because of how they may be marketed to children, it is essential that cannabis products adhere to a similar regime of adults-only advertising and marketing schemes.

In light of these concerns, the Board adopted a motion, written by  Supervisor Barger, to instruct the County to conduct an analysis of current state law concerning cannabis advertisement, along with recommendations for how the County may create its own cannabis advertising and marketing regulations at the local level.

Grand Avenue Project

In a motion by Supervisor Solis, the Board voted to indicate its endorsement of the next steps for the Grand Avenue Project’s Phase I, located in the Bunker Hill Redevelopment Project Area on South Grand Avenue. This move also certifies the Final Environmental Impact Report (FEIR) of the project’s first phase.

The entire block site is part of a large $720 million, 950,000 square foot development headed up by the Related Companies, that will include public benefits such as affordable housing, local low-cost retail space, and restaurants.

This two-tower development will include an Equinox-branded hotel and a condo/apartment building, with tons of retail space and a small movie theatre. The building would seamlessly integrate with Disney Hall and provide a connection across Grand Avenue, heading downhill toward Hill Street and the rest of downtown.


This week I appointed Dr. Yvonne Chan to the Commission for Public Social Services, and Natalie Samarjian to the Los Angeles County Citizens’ Economy and Efficiency Commission.

Dr. Chan was the founding principal of the Vaughn Next Century Learning Center and has committed herself to a long career of serving low-income, PK-12 students, transforming communities into hubs that foster education and learning. She has recently been honored by the United Chambers of Commerce of the San Fernando Valley as one of five, “Inspirational Women of the San Fernando Valley.” She earned her Ph.D. in Education from UCLA, her MA from Cal State Northridge, and her BA from UCLA.

Natalie Samarjian is the Executive Director of Coro Southern California. Before Coro, Natalie worked for the California Women’s Law Center advocating for women and girls through impact litigation and education. Before that, she worked on issues of domestic violence and community outreach. She earned her JD from UCLA Law School, her MS from Carnegie Mellon, and her BA from UCLA.