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Welcoming Chair Mitchell

Each year the Board welcomes a new Board Chair at its first meeting in December. We decided a while ago to simply go in order of District numbers so Supervisor Solis from the First District was succeeded by Holly Mitchell from the Second District. Sup. Mitchell is a longtime champion for our most vulnerable populations. We have partnered on lots of good work over the years, and I know she will be a great leader for this Board and for our County over the next year.

A big thanks to outgoing Chair Supervisor Hilda Solis,  who has led the Board through a great many new and unexpected challenges, including the rollout of vaccines across LA County and many new initiatives  LA is lucky to have Supervisor Solis on the Board and to have had her leadership when we did.

Unincorporated LA County at 100% renewable

The Clean Power Alliance was created by our Board four years ago to buy and provide green power to a consortium made up of LA and Ventura Counties and 30 cities.  It’s already been a tremendous success in delivering greener energy to millions of people at competitive prices.

When the CPA began, the starting default rate was set at 50% renewables.  This week, the Board passed my motion to offer an additional one million County residents and businesses a default of 100% renewable energy!  Of course, any individual or business can still choose a lower alternative.

Moving fully to renewable energy sources is the single most impactful action LA County can take to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The policy will immediately eliminate at least 6% of all greenhouse gas emissions from unincorporated Los Angeles County, and will make unincorporated LA County the largest single jurisdiction in the United States that has implemented 100% renewable energy.

Learn more about LA County’s green power at!

Crisis response in LA County

The 988 Alternative Crisis Response system will debut in LA County by the middle of next year. California has committed to the new statewide mental health crisis response system, and we are working on getting LA County ready to put this new system into place.

This new crisis system will work to help decriminalize mental health and ease the burden on law enforcement having to respond to these crises, lessening the dangers of non-mental health professionals being involved in mental health crises. Supervisor Hahn and I have co-authored a motion to help ensure a successful rollout of this critical new system in our County, allowing the County to bring in the staff needed to plan, implement and launch this new program.

The 988 Alternative Crisis Response system is planned to launch next summer!

Nicholas Canyon Beach stairs

In 2019, the devastating fires in Malibu damaged the stairs that allowed people to access one of the most scenic beaches in LA County, Nicholas Canyon Beach. The beach is a mile-long stretch in Malibu that is a beautiful place to take a quiet walk or head out for a day with your family.

This week the Board approved funding the work to repair the stairs early next year in order to ensure that this beach access is safe to use again.

Promoting diverse and inclusive County workplaces

Mediation can often effectively resolve workplace conflicts for colleagues who work at the same level though sometimes a more formal process for addressing certain workplace issues may be required.

In keeping with the County’s commitment to providing a safe workplace, the Board is looking into expanding the variety of County responses to workplace conflicts. The Board has asked the Department of Human Resources to look into ways to expand the options for County workers engaged in conflicts at their places of employment by using alternative resolution processes and other frameworks not currently available.