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LA County Leading by Example

One of the most important steps we can take to protect the health of all of our residents is for as many adults as possible to get vaccinated — and LA County is leading by example.

We adopted a policy to require all of our 100,000+ employees to be fully vaccinated, with limited exemptions. We also asked County leadership to work with our labor partners to achieve this goal.

Read: LA County Board of Supervisors to require COVID vaccine for county employees

Many government entities and companies have already adopted similar policies, and I hope more will follow.

We’ve been battling the COVID pandemic for 18 months now, and we have the safe, free, and widely available silver bullet to get out of this once and for all.

Please, please, please, everyone do your part to end this by getting yourself vaccinated and making sure your loved ones do the same at these 1000+ locations across LA County.

Justice Reimagined

Last year I brought the Measure J charter amendment to the Board to be placed on the ballot because it’s been clear to me, for a very long time, that our communities want change, and they want to see us invest in the community — NOT in our carceral system.

For too long, we have been punishing vulnerable populations disproportionately, even though we know, full well, that punishment doesn’t accomplish anything but the perpetuation of cycles of incarceration. Measure J’s success at the ballot box showed us that our communities — the people we represent — felt the same way and wanted us to make sure that the County budget reflects these priorities.

Since December, the Measure J Advisory Committee, led by their tireless (and patient) Chair, Veronica Lewis, our CEO, and others, have been hard at work developing spending targets and strategies to meet those priorities.

On Tuesday, the Board passed a motion by Supervisor Solis and me to build on those efforts by establishing the Care First Community Investment Advisory Body to guide us as we decide on expenditures in the spirit of Measure J by creating an intentional community engagement plan to develop the recommendations to the Board This also indicates the Board’s intention to continue to support the spirit of Measure J in the future. The Board also adopted a robust spending plan for the 2021-22 budget.

Read the full motion here!

Combatting Homelessness

Lots of Board action on the housing front from Tuesday!

Our office teamed up with Supervisor Solis for a motion to identify opportunities to build more housing for college students experiencing homelessness. Students often don’t qualify for traditional affordable housing and rental subsidies, and it’s important to develop financing to help these vulnerable young people as they put in the work to better their lives.

I teamed up with Supe Solis again for a critical motion to launch a Tenant Opportunity to Purchase program so that renters might have the first opportunity to buy the rental property they live in — increasing the likelihood that control over affordable housing stays in the community. This approach can reduce the number of working families priced out of our overheated market by making it possible for renters, affordable housing developers, and community land trusts to more easily purchase residential property.


I was pleased and proud to appoint Wendy Greuel as the Third District’s representative to the Blue Ribbon Commission on Homelessness.

Throughout her career, Wendy has built a formidable reputation as a consensus builder, passionate advocate, and tough fiscal watchdog — most recently in her role as Vice-Chair of the LAHSA Commission.