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(Photo: We kicked off this week’s meeting by welcoming Peace Over Violence to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Denim Day! Millions around the world are wearing jeans on April 24th to support survivors of sexual violence and say loudly there is NO EXCUSE and never an invitation to rape.)

Green Leadership Awards

The Board of Supes kicked off this week’s meeting by celebrating Earth Day with the 11th annual Green Leadership Awards.

The honorees are the Cities of Artesia, Cerritos, Lakewood, and Paramount, as well as the LA Coliseum, the Clean Power Alliance, community organization Grades of Green, and the County’s Department of Parks and Recreation.

These awards represent over 400 trees planted, 780 tons of waste prevented, miles of bike lanes painted, clean electricity provided to over 700,000 customers, and hundreds of millions of gallons of water saved, captured, or reclaimed. Further, they represent a broad recognition that climate change is everyone’s problem and demonstrate how everyone can participate in the solutions.

Los Angeles County has long been a leader in the fight against climate change and the cities, businesses, and community groups that make up the County are actively moving toward environmental sustainability. We’re excited and prepared to continue the hard work of protecting our natural resources and our communities.

Canoga Park Bridge Housing

Over the past five years, the West San Fernando Valley has seen a dramatic increase in homelessness, but little help has been available in the area. People experiencing homelessness are forced to travel many miles to access bridge housing or other resources.

On Tuesday, the Board unanimously adopted my motion finalizing the purchase of a property in Canoga Park to create a bridge housing program. This move highlights our ongoing partnership with Councilman Blumenfield’s office and the City of Los Angeles who have committed much of the funding for the acquisition. The site is at 7621 Canoga Avenue, in the old West Valley Mental Health Center.

The motion also approves LA Family Housing as the operator of the program which will provide wrap-around services and connect residents to programs like employment and mental health services in order to move individuals out of homelessness and into permanent housing. LA Family Housing is a leading homeless services provider in the county and has extensive experience running Bridge Housing. This purchase in Canoga Park is another step on the way to helping every homeless person one at s time.

Family Treatment Court Model

The Board voted to take the first steps toward creating a Countywide plan for a specialized Family Treatment Court by adopting a motion by Supervisor Solis that I co-authored. This motion explores the development of a robust treatment model, including needed protocols in order to increase access to holistic treatment resources for families in Dependency Court suffering from substance abuse issues.

The goal is to use the treatment model to keep families together when possible by offering services to parents whose underlying issue is substance abuse.

While these kinds of issues can be complicated, what is clear is that working to keep families together by identifying and helping with treatable substance abuse can maintain family unity while providing robust treatment services to parents who are struggling.

Mobile Home Parks

The Board voted on a motion by Supervisor Barger that I co-authored to explore how the County can incentivize the preservation and development of mobile home parks. As a part of this, the County will hire a real estate consultant and will use $1.5 million in County Housing Acquisition Funds to preserve, acquire, and develop affordable mobile home housing.

This motion works to identify mobile home parks that need rehabilitation and explore public-private partnerships with the County on preservation.

Additionally, the motion instructs the County to work to develop a webpage and outreach strategy to inform constituents of the various lending practices available to current and prospective mobile homeowners, including a listing of brokers and lenders that provide financing to low-to-moderate income borrowers.

Expanded Parental Leave

Anyone who works and has a family understands the importance of family leave. This week, the Board voted on a motion authored by Supervisor Hahn directing the County to examine a recent Employee Climate Survey to assess if current leave policies are meeting employee needs.