On Tuesday the Board of Supervisors passed a motion co-authored by Supervisors Sheila Kuehl and Kathryn Barger that will create an Interim Housing Capital Funding Pool, which will identify potential sources of funding for desperately needed interim housing.

Interim housing plays a pivotal role in combatting homelessness across Los Angeles County. Of course, the County’s ultimate goal is to move people experiencing homelessness into permanent housing, but while they are on the path to permanent housing, interim housing, also known as bridge housing, serves a vital function in providing stability for many families and individuals. People in bridge housing work with caseworkers and receive other supportive services to help them get back on their feet and into housing for good.

Along with other types of affordable housing, the County lacks a sufficient amount of bridge housing to serve the more than 50,000 individuals experiencing homelessness across LA. LAHSA’s 2018 Housing Gaps Analysis identified a need for 3,250 additional interim housing beds. Although Measure H funding can account for much of the cost of closing this gap, additional funding is required to create and support adequate interim housing across the County.

The motion passed this week directs the Chief Executive Office to identify sources of funding and provide a plan for the creation of an Interim Housing Capital Funding Pool. The Interim Housing Capital Funding Pool will support capital investments and any related activities needed to create additional interim/bridge housing beds.

In the Third District, these funds may go towards VA Bridge Housing, the West LA Armory, and the proposed Canoga Park Bridge Housing. By investing in the creation of both permanent and interim housing, Los Angeles County can come closer to the goal of ending homelessness and getting #EveryoneIn!

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