Listen up, Valley residents. This summer there’s an alternative to beach traffic and $15 parking. One buck and one hour get you from Warner Center in Woodland Hills to the Santa Monica Pier. Spend the day riding waves, at the touch tanks in the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium, or shriek your head off on the Pacific Park rollercoaster.

The Beach Bus leaves Warner Center (on the Metro Orange Line) three times a day at 9:30 AM, 1:00 PM and 3:35 PM every day. Return trips from the Santa Monica Pier depart at 10:50 AM, 2:20 PM and 4:55 PM. For a complete list of bus stops and pick up times see the schedule below.

A complete route map is available here. Look for bus stops with the LA County Beach Bus sign. For more information call (888) 769-1122 (press 2 at the prompt).