Have you heard about the changes coming to LA County’s election process?

The Voting Solution for All People (VSAP) project was developed by the Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk in 2009 to make voting more accessible to all of LA County. Under the VSAP system, traditional polling locations will be replaced with eleven day and four day Vote Centers. Instead of being restricted to one polling location on one single Election Day, vote centers will allow voters more days to vote at any of 1,000 locations throughout LA County. There will be 250 locations open for an eleven day period (Feb. 22 – March 3) with an additional 750 locations opening for the final four day period (Feb. 29 – March 3). These Vote Centers are open longer than previous year’s polling locations, and, since voters can get their own local ballot at any one of them, it provides great flexibility for voting near their work, home, school, or wherever is most convenient for them. Every one who receives mail in the County will get information about these many voting centers around Feb. 12.

For a list of Vote Centers, click here!

The VSAP system features a number of elements that will make voting more accessible. VSAP’s Ballot Marking Device (this is not voting on an internet connection…this is just a paper ballot marking device you access by pushing screen buttons) improves the voting experience by allowing voters to customize how they read and mark their ballot.

Key features of this new technology include

  • Access to 13 languages
  • Touchscreen display with customizable setting options to make font size larger or to change the contrast
  • Audio headset to listen to your ballot (in 13 languages) and accessible control pad to easily navigate and mark selections
  • Voters will review their ballot two (2) times before they officially cast their paper ballot
    • First review on the touchscreen (with the ability to change from that screen)
    • Second review after the paper ballot is printed

And there’s more! If an eligible voter misses the March Primary registration deadline (February 18) they can still vote at any Vote Center in the County during the voting period (February 22-March 3) via Conditional Voter Registration, also known as same-day registration. And if you prefer voting by mail, that option is continuously available!

To learn more about the new voting system, Vote Centers, or to register to vote, visit lavote.net.