The Board recognized the outstanding sustainability efforts of individuals, local businesses, public agencies and non-profit organizations at our 9th Annual Green Leadership Awards.

With even the most basic environmental protections under threat by the Trump Administration, a sustainable mindset is key for the well-being of all communities-local, regional and nationwide. The Green Leadership Awards, established in 2008, highlight the environmental contributions of people trying to make our earth a better, cleaner place to live.

Awards like the GLA play a crucial role in encouraging LA residents and groups to promote conservation of energy, water, and natural resources.

This year five outstanding individuals and organizations were honored:

The Baldwin Hills Community Standards District’s Community Advisory Panel (CAP) was awarded the Chair’s Green Leadership Award for their accomplishments.

The Baldwin Hills CSD was created in 2008 by the Board to create safe, community-friendly oil regulations for the residents near the Inglewood Oil Field. The CAP serves as a communicative link between the County and the Baldwin Hills, Windsor Hills and View Park residents to ensure their well-being, and also protects a local recreation area containing a sports fields, lake, and garden as well. Their dedication to local involvement and environmental improvement was commended at the awards ceremony.

EcoSet Consulting was honored as a sustainable, resourceful company in the film industry. Their community reuse center, the EcoSet Materials Oasis, was praised for its innovative strategy that donates tons of creative waste from production sets to local artistic and educational groups. The reuse of these materials — from creative props to textiles to structures — repurposes the potential waste into educational tools for communities that lack funding.

Since the Materials Oasis’ opening in 2014, the reuse center has donated over 145 tons of materials to non-profit organizations, artists, and schools, providing outreach to these underfunded groups through social media. EcoSet is the embodiment of a modern, sustainable business with an environmentally-friendly mission that directly benefits its local community.

The Los Angeles Chapter of the U.S. Green Building Council received a Green Leadership Award in the non-profit category for its transformative work in the city. The chapter has over 1,000 architects, designers, engineers, consultants, and builders dedicated to leading the green movement in the city by advocating for education, innovation, and action. The Chapter not only has impressive environmentally sustainable buildings but also works proactively to provide the community with resources, recognition, and networking.

The Chapter has developed EcoMapLA, a useful resource identifying all things sustainable in the city. Their virtual developments allow users to become engaged with the environmentally-friendly “green” buildings and businesses within the city. They are also active in public service, working with a partnership in Gardena to build an Eco-Tech Makerspace to foster hands-on STEM learning for students.

LA City’s own public agency, the Department of Water and Power, was honored for making its headquarters one of the first public buildings in Downtown LA to have solar carports. The John Ferraro Building also earned recognition for its environmental design aspects. Despite being over 50 years old, the building has state-of-the-art lighting systems, in addition to water and energy conservation technology.

The building’s exterior is unique: It has jutted-out panels and an outdoors reflective pool which helps cool the building. LADWP’s building is an example for the future of sustainable infrastructure, especially for governmental buildings.

Finally, the Community Development Commission and Housing Authority Department received recognition for their impressive resource center. The center teaches sustainability for residents within economically disadvantaged areas. For example, the residents are provided produce, taught renewable energy alternatives and how to reduce waste. The department also does great work with the local community in partnering with local restaurants for a Food Waste Composting Program. A solar energy system is also in the works to reduce electric usage in the resource center.

This diverse recognition of groups and individuals is designed to embolden Los Angeles’ residents to take part in the growing sustainability movement that is so desperately needed to take better care of our earth.